Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Its The Little Things

Sometimes in life the littlest things can make a rough day, week, moment, month, or year, seem just a little brighter. I feel that this blog has moved from my journey to lose weight, and on to my overall journey of health and acceptance of me. My food journey, my fitness journey, my health journey, both physical and mental. A part of my overall health journey was being sent for a mammogram today. For fairly obvious reasons... I guess if you find something you check it out, right. I have had this test before, many years ago. I remember it being an awkward, and uncomfortable experience. Today I went in fully expecting the same experience. I was met by a very nice lady who showed me the gown to put on, and gave me instructions.When I picked up the gown I noticed that it felt crispy and new. My many experiences with hospital gowns have been terrible. They never used to fit me. I remember pulling them on, embarrassed that they didn't fit, uncomfortable, mad, inevitably making the test 100 times worst. Its a feeling of disappointment in yourself for not fitting in the gown, and a disappointment in health care for not being accommodating to your very existence. A feeling of disappointment in life in general (thats my experience) Today I took that bright pink half gown wrap and put it on. No joke, this little gown was adorable! It wrapped around me comfortably, tied in a bow in the front like a cute little top. I walked into the mammogram room(does that room have a name? hmmm not sure) any way, I walked into that room feeling all cute! When I looked at myself in the change room mirror, I actually smiled. I'm kinda kicking myself now for not snapping a picture... sadly this will be a picture less blog post. (insert sad face) I mentioned to the lady doing the test that the gown was kind of adorable and she told me that they were fairly new. The test was horrible, uncomfortable, painful, squishy, and all around yucky, but imagine how much worst it would have been if I didn't walk in feeling all sorts of cute! Yup, its the little things. Do something little for someone today. You have no idea how it will make them feel. Thanks Western Health for that cute pink little moment! I have been writing blogs and not posting them lately... so there will be more to come soon. Have a wonderful day. Please don't forget how amazing you are!!


  1. I totally agree with the need to feel cute; especially when faced with yucky conditions! Keep up the good work.

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