Sunday, 24 November 2013


In the past week I have passed two big milestones in my journey. The first milestone is that I have lost one hundred pounds since december of 2011. Seventy five of these pounds I lost since July of this year. Its funny, when I realized I had lost the hundred I was so excited... for a moment, then I quickly realized that, oh my goodness I still have all that way to go again! That was a very depressing thought and quickly made me defeated after my fleeting moment of excitement. The second milestone I passed was I went down a first digit in my weight! I have left the three hundreds forever!! So I am changing and I feel great. Since The last time I wrote I have noticed lots more changes. I am walking close to four kms a day now and actually enjoying it. I have noticed at my work the stairs I used to have to take a break walking up I now run up. Also I took out my drivers license, which has a new picture that was taken in july and I almost didn't recognize myself. So I thought I'd share it with you. The fist pic was taken four months ago and the second was taken yesterday. Thats where Im at today, I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

WOW!!! Things Are Changing!!!

Over the past week or so I have noticed several big changes in my self. As I mentioned in other posts I have a standard jeep. I love driving my jeep but my weight has produced several problems while driving it. I cant reach the clutch because the steering wheel is situated in a place that makes it very difficult(in front of my stomach) and I have very short legs. I couldn't do up the seat belt in my jeep it was smaller than seat belts in other cars that I have driven in. I was getting ready to go to work the other day and I jumped in our jeep that had been out of commission since my surgery and I pulled my seat ahead and noticed that I wasn't reaching for the clutch... hmmm that's new, since my seat was pulled ahead I didn't think for a moment that the seat belt would fit... well it did. with room to spare!!! I was in shock. I have never been able to pull my seat forward and do up my seat belt, actually I have never been able to pull my seat forward period. Yay me!! I was in church today and was sitting in my usual spot and all of a sudden I realized HEY I have my legs crossed! It has been years since I was able to cross my legs. again, Yay me!! I have been exercising (walking and swimming) but I love swimming. I had been wearing my regular swim suit (I posted a pic of it on an earlier blog) and one unfortunate day I almost lost it in the arts and culture center pool. Here is honesty again in full force, my swim suit was a size 5x, my mom sent me a brand new suit size 2x and it fit perfectly, cant stress this enough... YAY ME!! Just thought I'd pass along my good news this week. Ill keep you posted.