Monday, 30 March 2015

Some Not So Fun Side Effects

Warning... this post may be gross... so feel free to stop reading at this or any point!!! Not all of the results going on in my life post op are great at the moment. I am going to tell you some of the yucky side effects, well not really side effects but one of the yucky things going on right now. For the past couple of months I have been awakened from my sleep by an intense feeling of nausea, almost like when you wake up in the middle of the night with the stomach flu. I end up spending an hour or so throwing up and then feel perfectly fine. Some nights have been worst than others, and normally I have been asleep. One night I was awake and at work and I almost never made it to our staff washroom, but always its after four am and it follows the same pattern. My mouth fills with water, and I have to run to the washroom where I have forty minutes of throwing up nothing only this yucky yellow stuff. (I warned you... gross stuff) Its been rough!! I talked to the bariatric team about this and one thing which I thought was really cool was, she looked back at the pathology of my old thrown out stomach (or at least I assume they throw it out!!!) and she could tell that there were changes or abnormal sections post op that could potentially have been past stomach ulcers. My doctor has recently, within the past month, cut back my acid reflux medication because I was on quite a high dose, due to the fact that I am pretty sure I could breathe fire if pushed too far! NEW SUPER P0WER!! So the team told me to double up these meds again and take them at night, makes sense, didn't work! I spent last night throwing up... again this nasty yellow stuff. Well the effects of that has led to this... All the pressure on my face has caused these little spots to appear, and make me look ridiculous, and contagious!! The team has told me that if it does not stop I will need to have a scope, or have the light put down my throat into my stomach, NOOOOOOOOO!!! Years ago I had this done and believe me I was not gracious about it. At one point I remember grabbing the doctor`s arm!! So it looks like that is what I am headed towards - that light down my throat- and that camera is NOT small. GHAAAAAA! You can be sure I will keep you updated, and if possible provide pictures to document...that is if I can sneak some. (if im aloud, not sure how that works) So... any of my WLS peeps been through this???? Id love to have some feed back, or some advice. Until next time :)

Saturday, 21 March 2015

My Comparison Problem

So I have this problem. I like to compare things, especially myself to other people! Since having this surgery, instagram, twitter, facebook, and youtube has helped met connect with several people post op and pre op who are on a similar journey as me. Its funny, Im friends with people in Newfoundland, The united States, Austrailia, and England, friends that I have never met, our one thing we have in common is that we all have had or are having weight loss surgery. Its so cool, and I feel like we are one big family. This is so great and I love it. Its support, friendship, I have mentors, and am a mentor, but also in my mind it is the opportunity to compare. Some people have done some amazing things with their body since having this surgery. I have seen mind blowing transformations. I see men and women reaching ideal body weights, looking fabulous and seriously blowing my mind! One thing i have to realize is that all of us, this huge family of wls peeps, start from a different place. I started on my journey at 398 pounds. This weight was my starting point. This is probably not the same place that a lot of my friends started from. There were people who were heavier and lighter and I cant at 400 pounds compare myself to someone who started at 300 or 250 pounds. And someone who started at 600 pounds cant compare themselves to someone who started at 398. This process is so individual. My story and everyone elses stories are unique. As far as stories go, mine is no where near being finished. Im still working on that last sixty pounds so I can have my slack skin removed and finally lift what has fallen! I cant wait for that day because believe me, that issue brings being uncomfortable to a whole other level. (but im beyond terrified about the surgery and recovery time... but another blog!) Maybe someday I will do a blog about that issue and discuss how it affects me, how yucky it is, how far it hangs (ewwwwwww!!) Feel free not to read this one if you are squeamish, I totally understand. (I may not even read it myself) and I promise, no pictures!! ... yet I still have to be thankful for this surgery, my confidence level has skyrocketed and I can actually move now without getting winded... and BIG ANNOUNCEMENT flew to st johns and had to tighten the seat belt!!!!!!! The days of being terrified if the seat belt would fit are behind me. Yayyy Im thankful, I feel good, but I still have miles to go.