Tuesday, 19 May 2015


We had a great Victoria day weekend. I had a few days off just to veg and catch up on house work and netflix! It was so relaxing. I enjoyed every moment of my down time. AHHHHHHHHH!! *contented sigh* My mom was spending a few nights in her apartment(their apartment is joined to our house) and she had some laundry to do. While she was doing laundry a pair of my old pants got thrown in the mix (my pre surgery pants). When she pulled out these pants and held them up to fold them I had a moment, It was a moment of shock. Did I actually wear those pants... did my body actually fill out those huge pants. At first I was mortified, but then I decided to look at it in a new perspective. I took the pants and decided to put them on, i fit my whole body in one leg!! Then i called my thirteen year old son to come and put on the other side... and he fit!!!
two of us could fit into the pants that I remember having to pull on, and on some times wrestle on. If they just came out of the dryer it was a bad day for me and I sometimes couldn't even wear them. It wasn't mortifying, IT WAS SO LIBERATING!!! There were days when those pants were the only pants that fit me and even then they didn't fit me well... and now I could fit into one leg. It turned out to be the best moment ever. Since my surgery I seem to be buying a lot of clothes for myself. It came to me that each new season that rolls around I need more and more clothes, because the previous season is too warm or not warm enough and i have lost too much weight to wear the season before!! (don't know if that made sense to read but basically I don't have clothes that fit me.) I thought Id share this moment with you. I'm still working on it. I have had a few set backs and mishaps along the way, that will soon probably be the topic of a new blog, but I am thankful for a great personal trainer that is keeping me focused, (not an easy task at times) and a great support system around me in my family and friends. Hope you enjoyed my moment of the day... ill keep you posted on any more!