Sunday, 20 July 2014

just a quick update

I know it was only a little while ago that I posted a new blog (my favorite one yet by the way) but something happened last week that needed to be blogged about. I went with my cousin Rhonda to the DMV and since I was there I thought id change the address on my drivers license since we had moved (INTO OUR OWN HOUSE!!) When I got to the teller, about six or seven years after we got there, seriously though block off a full day when you need to go there, anyway I got off topic... When I got to the teller and pulled out my license I took a look at the picture. This picture was three days less than a year old and it looked nothing like me. I showed the pic to the lady and she suggested I get a new one. So I thought today id share another before and after with you... drivers license from July 2013 and new one from July 2014. Stay tuned to hear about my up coming hike of Gros Morne mountain... and I may or may not share with you my most embarrassing experience of my life!! Ill throw in a couple more pics for your viewing pleasure as well!(the first two are before and the last one was last week on a sunny day here in pasadena) Thank you all for reading, the last blog had the most people read so far, over fourteen hundred views, makes me happy!!!

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