Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Four Month Progress

  A little update for you all who are interested.  I got referred for surgery in December of this year, however, I didn't try to lose weight until after Christmas because lets face was Christmas. So I began trying to lose weight but it was really hard for me this time. I had done so many diets in the past that I really didn't feel I could start the process again, and when I did it  seemed like I didn't have the steam to follow through. So I contacted a trainer who put me on a diet and exercise plan, my metabolism was shot and she is helping me get back on track. Since January of this year i have lost thirty four pounds!! feels like a drop in the ocean right at the moment but that's where I'm at.

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  1. Hey Amanda! 30 lbs is actually quite good!! Good for you! Any drop is good and remember that if you are exercising that your body will react differently (as you develop muscles). Be patient with yourself as this is a lifelong journey. If you get discouraged, the next time you go to the grocery store, go look at something that weighs one pound and then count 30 of them (such as butter for example). It's an excellent reminder for you and it will make you feel pretty darn good!! Congrats and keep it up!