Thursday, 12 April 2012

Thanks Again Grenfell!!

     So another night another stop on my journey... this stop includes again, major embarrassment. I don't enjoy writing these post that embarrass me, tonight however, I am so frustrated I feel like I have no choice but to write about it. I guess its therapeutic. This has been one of the worst weeks I can ever remember. I worked three night shifts in a row, no big deal I do that all the time, I can catch up on my sleep when they are over. I can unless my husband gets an attack of the kidney stones and we spend our three nights off awake waiting for the pain to go away or visiting our emergency room. The valuable time we are in between kidney stone attacks, instead of studying for my upcoming exams I end up sleeping because lets face it, sleep takes over even when you don't want it to.
     Thankfully bill passed the stone this morning, this evening I had an exam. So after nights of no sleep, driving back and forth to corner brook, waiting in waiting rooms, and worrying, I have an exam. Did I study? Yes I did. Was it good quality studying? Probably not. But going into the exam I knew my stuff. I Walk toward the exam room, after walking up two flights of stairs huffing and puffing (and sweating) I see that people are already writing the exam.... Oh no! please tell me I didn't miscalculate the time of the exam again. A gentleman walks toward me and tells me my exam has been moved. IMMEDIATELY I get sick to my stomach... oh no not again. So I walk to where he has pointed, there is a room with no desks, I think "well that's odd, but no desks are better than little desks!" The invigilator says to me "Amanda" (she knows me by name, I think that's nice) were sorting it all out the exam is down the hall. I walk down the hall and see a room full of tiny little desks like my little boy sits at in school. I groan inwardly and walk back to the invigilator. Sensing my panic her and the other invigilator begin talking quietly and nodding. They call me over "the only solution we have is to have you write the exam with the french class (GREAT), however its an oral french exam, so a cd will be playing throughout the whole test.So here are my choices, go and write the exam in a room with no chair I can sit in or in a room where a french woman is rambling on for fifty minutes.All while making this decision the people in the hall are staring at me. It frustrates me to write an exam when pages are being turned much less another language being spoken. The people writing the french test had to move toward the front of the class because the cd couldn't be turned on full blast because the group next door wouldn't be able to concentrate!!!!!
     So i begin writing my exam... The five principles of feminist social work are... COMMENT ALLEZ VOUS!! 
OK, so i start again, The five principles of feminist... BONJOUR MADAMOSELLE!!!!   One more time... The five principles of fe... C'EST BIEN!!!!  So this went on for the remainder of my exam. Not a good night. I try to end these blogs on a positive note but to be honest I really don't think there is a positive note to end it on. Its so gross to be writing a final with tears burning the back of your eye lids and a huge lump in your throat. SIGH. So i Guess Ill plug on. Ill resist the urge to buy a tub of butterscotch icecream to bring to work with me and hope for a better night tomorrow night when i write my english exam.


  1. Hello, I'm a new follower here...I think the font colour changed because it ended up being a part of the photo caption.

    1. i tried to move the words so they werent in the caption after reading your comment but it still wouldnt work... can you tell im not technologically inclined LOL
      thanks :)

  2. Hey there! That sounds like a brutal experience. In fact, given the amount of emotional discomfert you might want to look at having a re-write administered. I'm no genius but I'd say you have grounds. On another note... I think futher down the road when you get some distance between yourself and the stress of what happened, this is an incredibly funny story... I could hear the French as I was reading it, and it was hilarious. Another great blog my dear... keep your head up! (And ask for a re-write... you deserve to have a comfortable space like any other student... you are worth fighting for this!)

  3. thanks so much... i did contact the distance office... which in its self was very embarrasing, but i felt i needed to do it... they are looking into it for me... i probably will laugh at it... when i was telling my husband about it i was speaking the french words she was saying and i must admit it was a funny story... kinda made me want to take french now because i knew alot of what she was saying lol

  4. I admire the fact that you stayed. I would have had a breakdown and left, causing an even bigger scene.

  5. i was sooo close to having a break down! if it wasnt for the fact that tuituion was so expencive i would have run for the hills :)

  6. I can guarantee you that in Ontario, you would have grounds for a re-write. Education is administered by each province but I'm pretty sure that this situation is a no-brainer. Of course you deserve and should push for taking over the exam! Frankly, in this aspect, those teachers-supervisors were very insitive to your needs and you as a person were not respected.....

  7. thanks jannette... i did call them but they havent gotten back to me yet... ill keep you posted on what happens though