Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Little Accomplishments!

     Hey, I thought I would talk about some of my little accomplishments. I have written about my weight loss so far, but there are more things happening besides the scales dipping down. Actually I have to admit that I  have had a bad food week. I seemed to have a bad beginning and it kept following me throughout the week. It really is a battle every day.
     On a positive note, I have been going to the gym, walking and generally trying to be more active. This week we are starting aqua size, I cant wait!! Since trying to become more active I have noticed some subtle changes. This week I had to have my eyes tested, and if you know anything about Corner Brook, you know its a city built on a hill. To get any where you either have to go up or down. So since I have started driving a standard I avoid hills at all cost. I drove to my appointment, parked on the bottom of the hill and walked up to the office, (in the pouring rain). When I got to the top of the hill I saw a sign in the window that said open in fifteen minutes. So i walked back down the hill, only to walk back up a few minutes later. I was sitting in the waiting room before i finally realised that I wasn't winded from the walk. My face wasn't red and I didn't feel like I could collapse. Little accomplishment #1.
     You all know that I find it difficult to admit just how far I have gone when it comes to my health and what shape I am in. One issue for me was going to church. I have suffered from a bad back for a while now and I assume it is connected to my weight. One problem this brings with it is standing for long periods of time. I get a horrible pain in my lower back, causing me to sit down when everyone else is standing. I would find this very embarrassing. This week I went back after being away for a few weeks, and noticed that my back didn't get bad while standing. I still felt the beginnings of the pain that caused me to sit down all the time, but it never got bad enough for me to actually have to sit down. Little accomplishment #2.
     We have a new car which I have mentioned several times, and I had been having difficulty reaching the clutch because I had the seat pushed way back because I felt tight sitting up too close. In the past week I have noticed that when i get in I pull the seat closer and closer to the steering wheel. I have noticed that I can pull it ahead way further and reaching the clutch is becoming a non issue. Little accomplishment #3
     Still dealing with the car, I have noticed that I have much more slack in the seat belt. Small accomplishment #4.
     I am seeing differences, If i can keep telling myself to keep on keeping on it should be all good. I do have trouble with night time eating... its been a struggle to avoid night time snacking, any one have any suggestions to offer? Any way, I thought I would keep you posted on my small accomplishments!


  1. Congratulations on your victories!! Big steps for sure! As for night time snacking, I find if I keep my hands busy (knitting, reading or any crafts) it helps. Chewing some sugar free bubble gum helps (and I have fun making bubbles...lol). Celery, cucumbers and carrots dipped in fat free cream cheese is good or even dipping those veggies in salsa sauce is surprisingly good. A mini bag of microwave popcorn is pretty good also. Drink lots of water or warm herbal teas throughout the night will keep you busy (and keep you going to the washroom). When I'm really craving (and not hungry), my favorite is to have a long hot soak in the tub. I feel so relaxed afterwards that I usually don't even think of snacking. Hope this helps.... :)

  2. thanks for the advice janette!!!