Monday, 2 January 2017

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year my lovely readers! I hope 2016 treated you all well, and I am hoping that 2017 will be the most amazing year ever, for you all as well as me and my family. This year has brought with it many things, one of which a long drought of writing. I have never gone this long without writing a blog since I started. I had taken a break and it seemed that so much had happened since my last blog, that it became a monumental task to try and contain it all in one post. But needless to say 2016 was jam packed! So I think I am going to try and commemorate this year with a photo memory/blog post. So here it is 2016 in a nutshell!! Get comfy, this may be a long one! (if I was reading it I would get myself a nice coffee! Here goes! If there was one statement that I spoke, yelled, whispered or cried this year more than any other, it was "I just cant do this!!" I have repeated this statement to myself and large group of supporters and friends that have surrounded me this year more than any other words. However, after saying this, I think the next constant would be me completing what I was crying and talking about. So I am going to tell you about some of my biggest moments this year, the first one being The Tely 10. I think I have already told you all about my inability to walk long, or short distances in past blogs. I could walk four houses, which is precisely the distance that bill is standing away from me if you look closely in this picture. so the thought of doing a ten mile was monumental. With some pushing and persuading from some people in my life, I signed myself (and my bill) up for the race. For five miles I was totally adrenaline fueled and still excited... at mile seven I was in tears saying I just cant do this! Amazingly a very strategically placed friend of mine that I had never met in person until this moment called out me and gave me a much needed hug of support and it was the push that I needed to finish... (much to bills relief) and I finished the Tely 10 It was in no way easy. I did cry and snap at bill, saying I JUST CANT DO THIS! But I did. For your viewing pleasure I think you would love to see my blisters (that i felt for the first time at mile seven! Next big moment I am going to tell you about is climbing Gros Morne Mountain. Such an amazing, monumental day. We climbed gros morne without me saying I coudln't do it. We climbed it. Coming down is a whole other story. There were tears, and my companions got to hear me say I JUST CANT DO THIS! But they also were with me when I finished. and seriously... the view was well more than worth it. And I got to take my boy with me on this adventure too!! So I did another big thing this year. I jumped in water over my head. WHAT!?? I have been terrified to do this for... well forever I guess. So me and my ladies took swimming lessons, and after two groups of lessons, flanked by two lifeguards, holding onto a swimming noodle, I stood on the edge of an eleven foot deep pool and said I just cant do this!! TWO LIFE GUARDS!! So one group of lessons ended without me being able to jump - and I might add that they even tried to get me to jump in four feet!(NOPE) After my second group of lessons I managed to do it. Several times. It was all about just letting go. Scariest thing I ever did. I can still feel how scared I was as i am writing about it. But I did it!! as you can see I have a bunch of people who are more than supportive in my life, I have my Billy who is by my side no matter what i do! (broken arm or not) I have a trainer who pushes and encourages me to do things I have never ever thought I could do. (and i never ever complain,... or is it that i never ever dont complain!) and there is my neice/bestie melissa and her ben... She drags/encourages me to do some amazing things too (next year Everest?? lol) and of course I have wonderful family and friends that that are dear to my heart, and the sweetest boys ever. So although 2016 has been hard, its been amazing. I am lucky to have a new lease on life, supportive people on every side, and above all, I have a life, one that i am enjoying... finally. Some other things happened this year, James became the tallest person in our house! And has become the coolest fifteen year old ever. Micah faced huge fears and made his own goals and they get more gorgous every time i look at them. How lucky can i get Seriously though... how lucky

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