Thursday, 23 May 2013


Hello my friends who follow me. I thought i'd post an update about how my appointment in St Johns and how I am doing right now. I'm so happy that i finished the fourteen day liquid diet. To be totally honest it was the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life, and I have had two children... one of them a ten pounder! The whole way through the diet I felt very inadequate, it seemed like i was so much weaker than everyone else. Everyone who has had this surgery has had to do this diet. I felt that i was struggling so much that it didn't feel normal. I had a constant headache, I was tired, sad, depressed, and very very irritable... let me just say poor, poor Bill. But when i got to my appointment the ladies reassured me that this was perfectly normal and that I did well with my journaling and my weight loss. I lost fourteen pounds. I got to meet the surgeon and he explained things in detail, he did say he would like me to lose as much weight as possible before the surgery to make it easier on both of us. I felt very open talking with the nurse practitioner and the dietitian but when the surgeon came in I clammed up. Its a good thing Bill was with me because he had the intuition to ask the questions he knew that I had. Not sure why this happened but maybe it was knowing this man would have my life in his hands, his instruments inside my body changing it forever, maybe it was because he would be seeing parts of my body that I am totally uncomfortable with. I'm not sure why I lost my voice but i am very glad that Bill was there. Anyway back to the part about losing weight. I would like to lose another fifteen pounds or so before surgery. No big deal I thought. Bill and I started walking every day since we got back. Only short distances because I cant walk far, but it was everyday none the less. Then we decided to add three houses each day and this was working very well for me. Then I decided to go shopping wearing sandals, getting out of the car I hooked my baby toe in the door and immediately knew I had done something terribly wrong. When I looked down, my baby toe was pointing in a different direction than my other four. Now for those who don't know me well, my biggest fear in life is seeing someone with their limbs pointing the wrong way or bones sticking outside of their body... (I have no idea how I managed to work in a hospital!) My biggest fear had happened to me!!!! So while at the emergency room the nurse LIED and told me this wouldn't hurt getting put back.. IT HURT!!! and after ex-rays I found out it was broken. So i am put off work for a while and told to be very careful. There go my daily walks. Im so clumsy. I don't know how I managed to do it. I must be totally accident prone or something. Just this morning while watching a show on my ipad and i dropped it on my nose making a big bump on it, and now I am praying my eyes don't turn black. Seriously who does stuff like that?!? Me I guess. So I"m trying to be good and make better choices with my eating. I had given up caffeine and soda during the liquid diet, so i figured I had no reason to take that up again. I am just drinking water now hoping that will help. Before I had left to go to my appointment while I was still on my liquid diet some friends decided to have a girls night out and because i have awesome friends they decided to make smoothies instead of snacks... how sweet. while we were there we started discussing diets and the diets we had been on. It got me thinking about the different tactics i have used to try and lose weight. I thought id share with you all... sooooooo here is my list weight watchers, biggst loser (pasadena edition), tops, the cookie diet, the fat burning cabbage soup diet, herbal magic, slim fast tuna diet, three day diet, dukan diet, atkins diet, green tea diet, metabolism increasing diet, the makers diet, the diet cookie diet, That's my list,and I am sure there are more that I cant remember. Some of the highlights to these diets are: the dukan diet. Meat, meat and only meat all the time, breakfast dinner and supper. The tuna diet, You eat tuna for two meals and regular meal for the third. The cabbage soup diet, you guessed it cabbage soup for two meals a day and when whenever you are hungry. They all have pretty much the same result... they make me want to eat the things im restricted from. The one that worked by far the best out of all these for me was the makers diet. Its one that has a foundation in prayer, maybe there is a lot to be said in that. well this is kind of a sporadic blog but its what has been running through my head today. Hope you all have a wonderful day!! Don't break any toes!! (it really hurts)

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