Thursday, 19 September 2013

Four Week Checkup

Today I had my four week checkup with the nurse practitioner. I found out that since surgery I have lost thirty four pounds, since july 19th I have lost fourty eight pounds, and since two years ago when I started this journey, I have lost 69 pounds. WOW!!! I still can't believe it. Its been really hard at times, but I hope that the hard times are all over now and from here on it will be a steady up hill climb to a healthy me. I already feel healthier. I can see a difference in myself, but really only on top, that may sound funny but that's what I see. I can see that I have lost weight on my face and shoulders but the rest of me looks the same.( I told my friend that soon my head is going to look like a marble!) I know that is not true though, the weight loss part, not the marble part, because my measurements are changing. I have lost inches off my waist and stomach. We took the boys to a movie the other night and when you get to the weight I am (was!!) every chair in the world worries you. The ones with arms especially. Is it going to be tight and uncomfortable, are the booths going to be wide enough, and so on. The last movie I went to before my surgery was torture (for two reasons but I wont get into the irritating people behind me) the chair cut into my legs and hips so much that by the end of the movie I was in so much pain I could have cried. This movie experience was so much different. I had room to spare in the seat. So really not only my head and shoulders are shrinking, the rest of me is too. The only thing I find difficult is that I get so tired and I assume that is because I'm still on liquids yet. OH yeah!! I almost forgot, I get to eat today!!! Im sooooo excited! The dietition is supposed to be calling me soon to discuss how i can progress with my diet. I cant wait. It really does feel like forever. Its strange but since i have been on liquids for so long I needed an outlet, so my outlet has been the food network. I watch all the healthy cooking food shows I can find. I love cooking and preparing meals for my family and making sure that they are eating well. I guess its my little relief. So that is where i am in my journey... I will keep you updated!


  1. You are an amazingly strong woman !!! I am so proud of you!

  2. Sounds like you are doing great and that you have things under control! Good for you! :)

  3. im doing good... i dont know if i have things under control or not yet but im learning... i guess this is a big learning experience :)
    thanks ssw