Wednesday, 31 July 2013

I Have My Date!!!!!!

OH MY GOSH I HAVE MY SURGERY DATE!!!! I am soooo excited and I know without a doubt that this blog posting will not even be coherent because of how excited I am. I have known for a little while that my surgery could be the nineteenth but i haven't written about it because i have gained some weight since my surgical consultation and needed to start the liquid diet early to see if I could get my weight down to where it needed to be... well I did so here I go! That means thirty one days of liquids but it feels so worth it to me, I have been waiting so long. Its funny, seems like I have been waiting a long time but it also seems like it came out of the blue, I think because I was expecting it much later date I was shocked when it finally came up. So on august the nineteenth my life will change in a big way and I plan to blog about it all and continue to be brutally honest then as well. Me and bill have been walking since I went on the liquid diet two weeks ago and I have discovered that I lovveeeeeee walking on trails but I hate walking on roads. I love being in the woods with something to look forward too and see at the end like a lookout or something of that nature, I almost don't notice the pain in my back, so everyday we go trekking around looking for a trail Soon we will be taking my brothers advice, he said if you cant find a trail make one... so that's our routine now... drinking liquid and walking. I plan to blog a couple days after my surgery from the hotel if I'm not in too much pain, even if its only a line or two to let you know how i am doing. I want to thank those who commented on my blog for your support and all those who just simply read it. Thank you for giving me a chance to be accountable. wish me luck, Ill update on wednesday or thursday after my surgery. I did get to have one last meal in the middle of my thirty one days, it was delicious!!